Monterey Peninsula Buddhist Temple

The temple is located in Seaside, California since 1918. It is a member of the Buddhist Churches of America (BCA), headquartered in San Francisco, California. The temple belongs to the Jodo Shinshu Mahayana Buddhism and the Mother Temple is the Nishi Hongwanji located in Kyoto, Japan

Service is held every Sunday at 10 am.

Service is usually about 1 hr. and dress code is casual. Public is welcome!

Japan Tour 2017

Application is being accepted for Oct. 2017 Trip.

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What is Jodo Shinshu Mahayana Buddhism?

Jodo Shinshu Buddhism is the most widely practiced form of Buddhism in Japan and in Japanese ethnic communities around the world. It is a school of Pure Land Buddhism, the most common form of Buddhism in all of eastern Asia. Pure land originated in 5th century China and centers on a practice of devotion to Amida Buddha. its emphasis on devotion rather than arduous monastic practice makes it particularly popular among laypeople.

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